Watch for the "next on" and "last on" phrasing in the listings. Most of these are annual events, and past dates will remain listed until the next date is known.

Avenues to submit additions/corrections to the lists:
The basic race listings consist of (1) the name of the event, (2) the date, (3) name of the Houston neighborhood/landmark/suburb or other city where the event takes place, and (4) a URL link for more information or for participants to register. The region is covered with three online lists:
  • -- The core Houston area list now focuses on running events within roughly 60 miles of downtown Houston. This area includes points south to Galveston and Freeport, west to Sealy and Hempstead, north to Conroe, and east to Winnie.
  • -- The BCS list includes events within roughly 50 miles of College Station. This area includes Bryan, points south to  Brenham and Hempstead, and points east to Huntsville.
  • -- The Beaumont list includes events within roughly 50 miles of Beaumont. This area includes Port Arthur and Orange, points west to Liberty, and points north to Woodville.

Why This Site Exists

These listings seek to quickly answer the question:
At a glance, what running events are ongoing in the Houston area?

In June of 2008, a runner friend from out of town asked me what races were coming up around the time of his next visit and I didn't have a ready answer. It wasn't the first time this happened. Later, I assembled a list and put it online -- mostly as a reference for myself and other runners I knew. Others stumbled upon it and began suggesting more races to add. The list evolved into the site you see today.

Maybe you're in a Couch-to-5K program and looking for that event to use as a "graduation ceremony" in nine weeks. Or maybe you're already in running shape, in a racing mood, and just want to know what's happening next weekend.

Or maybe you just like looking ahead many months into the future . It's OK -- in many cases, we don't know the exact next date of annual events but you can certainly make a guess based on when the event was "last on" the previous year. (Independence Day and Thanksgiving races are easy to predict though!)

I intend to update at least once per month. I also plan to keep the list comprehensive -- to help raise awareness of events both big and small throughout the region -- but not loaded down with too many details upfront. If an event catches your eye, the linked URL should fill you in with details directly from the organizers.

Houston Running Calendar focuses on open running events happening in the Houston area. The event must take place on a designated course at a designated date/time; we will not be listing "virtual races" here. The event doesn't need to be a competitive race, so the list includes items like the Tour de Art or the Girls On The Run 5K. By "open" we mean the event can be entered by all-comers, and is not invitational. We're defining "Houston area" as points within 60 miles of downtown Houston. For those that don't mind driving farther out to the north-northwest, BCS Run Calendar covers the area surrounding Bryan-College Station. And Beaumont Run Calendar is online for those who want to check out events happening further east.

Of late listings include some adventure races and mud runs, but I'm trying to draw the line here as I'm not interested in having this list become an all-encompassing recreational activity site.

Walking events with no running component aren't listed here, but February 2012 brought the launch of a companion site -- -- which I hope many will also find useful.

Not surprisingly, there have disclaimers:
  • We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information listed here. Occasionally a race gets rescheduled and it may take us a while to notice.
  • When we link to the a URL, we cannot vouch for the accuracy of what is on those sites.
  • A listing here does not necessarily imply an endorsement of the event by us.
See an error, or want to share an event that you think should be included? Or do you just want to chat about how your last race went? Share with the HRC community on Facebook at or Tweet to @houruncalendar.

Thanks for visiting!

Vincent Aurelio